Digital Strategies

Traditional mass media like television and radio are only a subset of a comprehensive media strategy. Learn about memetics and how it's changing the digital world.

Video & Film Production

We specialize in short 15 second to 1 minute professionally produced hard-hitting advertisementst that engage your audience and prompt them to seek more.

Graphics & Meme Development

Memes are where marketing is going to. A full fledged social media strategy has to leverage the emerging field of memetics. Talk to us to learn how.

The Studio

Creating Content that Drives Itself

Memetic Film

Moving images and sound have a way driving user engagement through the stratosphere over text & graphics alone. We are experts at the visual display of information, whether it be products, textual information, or people. Let us build your platform.

Pic 02

Memetic Graphics

A picture is just a picture, but a meme carries a payload that compells the audience to perpetuate it while carrying with it significant information. Let us help you tap into the world of social media using memetics.