The world is in the midst of a fundamental upheaval that is tearing down the established mechanisms of control that world governments have relied upon for generations.

The 2016 Presidential Campaign demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that social media had arrived as a transformative force in all stages of campaign management. The old play book for how to reach and engage an audience based on stump speeches, mailers, radio, and television ads has been largely thrown out and a new play book is being written as we speak.

It’s important not to equate social media channels as website analogies. Although web-page-like structures exist within Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, each platform’s web-page analogy engages users different.  Treating social media as a web page tool is extremely limited and ineffective. It’s akin to checking the box because it’s expected that everyone have a web page, a Twitter account, and a Facebook account. Worse, if used incorrectly, social media channels can become a source of campaign pitfalls and follies that are entirely avoidable.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. At best, a poorly crafted social media strategy means that you won’t get the “lift” your campaign needs. A poorly crafted social media strategy can derail and destroy a campaign. Remember, a single reckless Tweet can irreparably damage a campaign


It’s difficult for a candidate and for his manager to coordinate a hectic campaign schedule that includes multiple appearances and speeches per day while still maintaining an active and seamless social media engagement strategy.

In traditional media, the candidate will produce a radio or television ad and then use television or radio distribution networks to reach his or her audience. The media serves as a force multiplier. The same is true for mailers.

With social media, the production effort on the part of the candidate is the same but the distribution aspect takes on complexities and subtleties that the traditional distribution via radio or television do not encounter.
The goal of effective social media across all channels should be to engage and influence:

  • Voters
  • Supporters
  • Donors
  • Publicity Media

The end goal is to persuade voters in your particular geography to vote for you while drawing in support from outside your voter area and minimizing influence of elements that are not friendly to your campaign.
The subtleties and nuances of a social media political campaign makes it very important to have a dedicated management team coordinating with a media director to help you reach your audience.


Human beings are visual, aural, and literary. Words sway campaigns. Pictures speak a thousand words and moving pictures tell stories in a way that not even the best speaker or writer can convey with words alone. Without rich multi-media content a social media strategy is effectively underwhelming and doomed.

Because distribution costs in the traditional media of radio and television tend to be high, we generally see high, but varying, production values in those media formats. As we move from regional to national markets, we see the difference in production values. A furniture store commercial produced for a local market will rarely exhibit the production values of an advertisement that is geared to the Super Bowl.

By contrast, social media does not care about production values. Where the NFL would never accept a low-quality production during the Super Bowl, no such third-party moderators exist in social media. Audiences do care about production values, but not in the same manner as a major network..  What might seem campy to one group of voters might be hard hitting to another group.

The only metric that counts in social media is whether the target audience receives the information and is compelled enough to propagate it along.  We call this field “memetics,” the world of self-replicating ideas that live in people’s minds and compel us to pass them along.  “Ah! vous dirais-je Maman,“ was already a French folk classic when Mozart, Liszt, and Bach borrowed the ditty to incorporate into such memorable classics like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.”  Across how many centuries has that simple melody been infiltrating our minds, self replicating, and forcing us to pass it along from parents to children? Living thought. Who doesn’t remember “Low-Energy-Jeb, Lyin'-Ted, Crooked-Hillary,” or more recently, “Pajama-Boy, and Pelosi’s Puppet.” All are examples of powerful memetics at work.

Strategic Services

Let our credentialed social media strategy team staffed with Big 4 & Fortune 500 talent chart a path for you

Full Strategy

Geared towards a campaign that is in the organizational phase, this service closely integrates the social media strategy into all other aspects of the campaign like radio, TV, signs, phone banks, stump speeches, etc. The result is the most effective engagement with likely voters and their development into grassroots champions.

The Full Strategy engagement positions the campaign to develop cohesive integrated strategies that when combined with our Management and Content Services can form a synergy that allows us to Drive the Campaign Tempo and Narrative. Combined, we can put candidates on the national stage and aggressively highlight the shortfalls of the competition. Call us to learn more about these very special services.

Social Media Assessment

Designed for campaigns that have a social media presence, this service takes a block of time to see what is going on with the social media channels and then provides hard hitting pragmatic advice to get your social media campaign hitting on all cylinders.

Point Support & Remediation

Somethings wrong. You're not getting the results you think you should be getting. Maybe something was Tweeted that shouldn't have been Tweeted. Reach out to us, we can provide Soft-Remediation, Executive-Style Remediation, or Crisis Management Remediation.

Executive Coaching

Maybe you just need sage counsel on small tweaks to really make your social media strategy shine. Give us a call, we offer affordable hourly rates that are convenient to your schedule.

Management Services

Let our experienced professional administrators lessen the candidate and staff workload

Full Management Solutions

Do you need all your social media communication synchronized? Do you need to coordinate when prospective voters are reaching out to you via different channels? Is that disruptive poster ("troll") on your website a voter or just some angry person from some other state that needs to be blocked? Regular campaign staff is usually not equipped to address the myriad of day to day events that happen on a social media platform. If that's the case, you need one of our Full Management Solutions where we literally take over your social media account and keep everything working smoothly. We'll manage all passwords and secure your account so that hacking would be extremely difficult for even the most determined foreign operatives.

We only take our closest clients under Full Management. Before we do, we need to understand your style, the particular intricacies of your campaign, and we have a rigorous set of internal controls and work flow to make sure that only the right tweets, posts, images make it out to the world. It's intensive. Please call for availability and don't be surprised if we politely decline.

Single Channel Management

Each Social Media Platform is unique. Maybe you just want to make one of them wow because that's where all your voters are likely to come from. We do handle single channel clients who only turn over only their Twitter Account or only their Facebook Account.

Dislaimer: We are committed to organic growth of your account with real people tweeting for you, so, while we are willing to manage your account and post relevant and hard-hitting content using your account for distribution purposes, we do not employ people or bots to artificially inflate the support your tweets/posts are receiving. We believe that using bots or paid Tweeters/Posters is dishonest to the real-world Twitter/Facebook/Instagram community, and we believe that it distorts the real support for a candidate. Additionally, there is a proven record of social media communities reacting very negatively to paid Tweeters, particularly for political candidates. Our proven strategies focus on getting you real followers by empowering true supporters with impactful content that they can distribute of their own will. Bottom line, we help you reach and excite your real supporters.

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Content Direction

This is a point service useful if you have graphic artists on staff but your graphics are not impactfull nor synchronized with your campaign. We can quickly provide creative content direction to make sure your graphics and messaging are having the impact that you need.

Content Services

To get noticed, you need hard hitting content. We produce top quality campaign graphical content

Branding Packages

Do you need a Campaign Brand? We can help consistently brand all of your channels. Our graphic artists cane come up with unique and fresh designs that will uniquely convey the flavor of your campaign, your personality, and your regional culture.

Meme Packages

Getting your message out on social media requires Memes, the heart of social media. Meme deliver the hard punch to your viewers. They are thoughtfully crafted graphics with a political payload designed to navigate through social media to your voters.

We offer packages of 12 and 24 Memes and they can take up to a week to create depending on schedule, so please call us to get in the queue.

Critical Meme Packages

So, you have an opponent who is not completely disclosing their true positions? Call us. We can craft a tailored set of messages that highlights your opponents weaknesses without crossing the professional line. The voters have serious questions and asking hard questions is sometimes what memes are all about. Do you need to compare yourself to your opponent? We offer charts and graphs that can do just that in an impactfull fashion.

Critical Meme Packages generally are needed on short notice and they require a deep understanding of the candidate, the opponent and the political landscape. We have to put our best minds on these projects and might have to bring specialists to do extra research on short notice. For these reasons, Critical Meme Packages are more expensive and in short supply. If you need us to reserve time, please let us know. We offer retainer packages for these kinds of services.

Clean Campaigns Commitment: We are committed to clean campaigns and will not generate defamatory or patently false critical memes. If something is publically known about an opponent (printed by a reliable source) it's fair game. We also believe that asking hard questions is always fair and we have no compunctions with summarizing a candidate's voting record to place them in the correct political category. Critical Memes are more hard hitting if they are true and backed with a credible reference.

Video Production

Nothing is more impactfull than memes with video, sound, and graphics. Even the simplest of video-memes will have several custom graphics, video clips, and sometimes narration. They take time to craft and as such can be expensive.

It's best if you already have video for us to re-purpose. We can give you pointers on what type of video can be re purposed. If you don't have time, for a reasonable fee, we can quickly go through your library and let you know what percentage can be re purposed.

If you don't have video, we can help you create the video. The sky is the limit in these types of situations. We can bring in the best directors of photography with production teams that can generate content suitable for national prime time airing or we can just bring in one person with a HD 4K camera and a light if you just need some hard hitting supplementary material that you want out on social media. Let us know. We'll work with you.

High-End Presentations

Sometimes you need to go stand in front of a very large audience in a darkened stadium where a presentation is essential. We support our candidates with products ranging from High-End Video to Slick Presentations with graphs and charts. You draw what you want on a napkin or share a story and we can bring it to life. Call us.

Ghosting Books, Pamphlets, Newsletters

Expansive ideas demand a book format. A book brings prestige & gravitas to the author, and can provide an additional passive revenue stream. Please note that a book project is a multi-month effort and because of the time commitments, they generally require a material investment. Also, we take very few projects of this type -- the fit between the author and the ghost have to align. Please call us for a free consult and to get in the queue.

If you need hard hitting pamphlets and literature, please feel free to contact us.